Friday, April 1, 2011

In The Works...

work in progress
new embroidery patterns in progress

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don't have much to say? Times when you are busy investing in your family or work and trying to bring so many good things into fruition for them? Well I had one of those days on Monday and then it turned into a whole week of feeling rather quiet and fastidious in my work...and not blogging about it. I don't want to sound cheesy or lofty (forgive me because i think i might!) but I like to think of this, my humble little corner of the internet, as a haven for the things which I believe quell the din and stress of life, things which can bring people of different backgrounds together and make the world, well, a more beautiful place to be. So, after three years of blogging, I'd much rather have a quiet few days here than just be making a lot of noise about nothing as there's quite enough of that coming at each of us, every day, from all directions. I just wanted to make sure you knew I had not forgotten you and am building up my reserves of focus and energy for all the good things that I'm working on and will share soon!

Now that my first pillows are in the shop, I've picked my sketchbook back up to create more embroidery patterns. I couldn't decide between the top two choices you'd helped me pick, so I am working on patterns for both the "Vintage Shop" (I'm probably too excited about the string of pearls I am going to stitch up in pearlescent ivory with a clasp of metallic gold ahh shiny!) and "Farmhouse Kitchen" (think dreamy french provincial kitchen wares).

O and just one more thing before i skedaddle on out of here for the weekend: I've created a flickr group for my shop, The Story of Kat, where I will share new items or work in progress and where you can share photos of your embroidery projects featuring The Story of Kat patterns, projects made from blog tutorials, or how you're using The Story of Kat handmade items in your home. I hope you'll stop on by to join as it will be a great place to show off your creations (plus it is a little lonely right now with no members and i LOVE seeing where all of my own creations have found homes)!


DK said...

You've been busy! Attagirl, can I have some of your motivation!?

Meeling said...

Glad you're enjoying some quiet time...we all need that from time to time. I love the picture of all your floss...looks lovely with all the colors together in one spot.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

thestoryofkat said...

haha, i have no idea where the motivation is coming from...or where it goes when it leaves me! maybe it's in all the coffee grounds i've been going through.

and thanks meeling...just stopped over to your blog and was blown away by the timpano! holy wow!