Friday, March 4, 2011

the birthday girl.

my three year old self
me on my third birthday, 1985. see the outline of the wooden thing i'm standing in front of?
yep, that's a speaker the size of my little body, haha. dang, i miss the 80's.

today is my birthday and i am turning 29 (yes, otherwise known as "almost 30"). a long way from that little lass in osh kosh b'gosh and pigtails, huh? well, some days...

apart from going out to eat, we're going to keep things pretty chill this year. actually, our budget is keeping things pretty chill this year to put it mildly. but that's ok as i'm looking forward to a weekend of good food and quiet time with my husband, a family get-together, and some homemade ice cream which i hope to share some proof of after the weekend. if i could, i'd share the actual ice cream with you and hang out for a bit with paper party hats but alas, i'm not sure that trying to get all that through the wireless router would be the best idea...silly internets.

i hope that each of you will have an enjoyable weekend too and i'll see you back here monday, photos of chocolate-hazelnut goodness in hand!

p.s. as a little gift from me to you, i'd like to offer you 15% off everything in my shop today when you use the coupon code "BIRTHDAY" upon check out (make sure to type it in and hit the APPLY button when you are in your shopping cart).


Meeling said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm a fellow March BD too, in a couple of weeks...alas I'm slightly older than you...Ahhhh to be 29!!!

Cute pic of you as a toddler!

Can't wait to see what the ice cream blog brings...and please, pretty please send some my way!! Or if that won't work then just have an extra scoop for me!

Have a great weekend!!

DK said...

Happy birthday!!! Have and awesome day / weekend!

considerthelillies said...

happy birthday to you! Home made ice cream sure sounds good! Hope your weekend is fun and refreshing!

Angela said...

OHHH I MISSED THIS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I know it will be great (even on a budget) Believe me, we have had plenty of those little budget birthdays (and other things) but they are always the best ones!