Friday, February 11, 2011

a girl can dream.

AMH patchwork
i definitely set this to be my new computer desktop

today is one of those quiet fridays that i relish in. i'm baking rye bread, getting all my custom orders organized for a weekend of embroidery, and i still haven't changed out of my pajamas. shush now, don't spread that last part around.

i'm also taking a bit of time to work on my of my own projects (yes, there are just too many that i have going right now...) as this afternoon light fades and, as long as we're on the subject of anna maria horner, i thought i'd share with you my progress on my AMH queen-size patchwork quilt! now, if you remember from my first post on this, i am doing the whole thing by hand...piecing, quilting, binding, the works. i started it back in the fall and i now have six rows done and sewn together which amounts to 126 squares. if all the holidays had not taken place right after starting it, i'm sure i'd be further along but that's ok because it's also something that i just want to relish in. the above photo shows some of my finished rows and some of the next ones that i have planned out.

the voile is so nice to handle and the colors make it such a cheery and relaxing thing to work on...i am really finding that piecing, designing, and planning a quilt is my favorite part! as i work i think more about my overall vision for the design of our bedroom: this folksy and luxurious quilt on the bed, creeky wooden floors, sweet and bright little accent items a la anthropologie, all contrasted by clean white walls and all white wooden furniture so that it's not at all overwhelming or clownish but anchored in peace and calm: very grimm brothers meets anthro meets cape cod meets prairie homestead meets color theory art student....a girl can dream right?!


DK said...

How exciting! I want to do this sometime but I'll probably start off with a more modern cheater quilt first, just to make sure I can!

Meeling said...

Sounds like a lovely bedroom...omg I can't believe you are doing that whole quilt by hand. I don't think I'd ever find the time to finish a quilt like that. I'm still working on a gift quilt for my MIL that I started 1-1/2 yrs ago! And it's machine done!!

Happy relaxing Friday!

Emily Elizabeth said...

I am super impressed. I barely have time to get my all-machine made quilts finished!

Meg said...

Beautiful! I'm making a hand-pieced/quilted/bound/etc little folks patchwork as well (although mine is only twin sized and uses larger squares (6" finished).

Glad to see someone else doing one by hand!