Wednesday, January 26, 2011

packages on my doorstep:

whipstitch fabric stash
"big birds" in lime from echino 2009, anna maria horner little folks voile in pink rose,
and anna maria horner "woodcut" in perfect from her new innocent crush line. 

i love getting things in the mail, don't you? there is something about a package on ones doorstep that elicits such giddiness which can brighten an otherwise altogether normal day. a few of them have arrived on my doorstep recently and i'm pretty sure they'll be right up your alley too.

above is some fabric i got at roughly half off from whipstitch fabrics. if it wasn't for occasional online promotions, i would have no way to continue stash building right now considering how tight of a budget we are on...thank goodness for small miracles!

new quilting book

i spent part of my christmas money on a few books from amazon, one of them being elizabeth hartman's "the practical guide to patchwork". it's a gorgeous volume and full of great quilting techniques and designs. my only complaint is that it features a ton of flea market fancy prints from denyse schmidt that are no longer available..cheese and crackers vern!!! (what my great grandma gert used to say to her husband vernon because she didn't swear. i'm a little less classy and tend to swear like a sailor in real life...but not here *grin*). maybe we should all start a petition for a reprint of that line, ya?! also, this gave me the idea of starting some reviews of craft books here, sans the cheese and cracker comments perhaps.

crocheted afghan
more about this hand-embroidered pillow here

and finally, something i wasn't expecting at all but am relishing (and may just be wrapped up in as i type this): a hand crocheted afghan from my great aunt karen which is going to match perfectly with the pillows i've made for my workroom...that is, if i ever manage to get a couch in here for guests as originally planned. everyone who sends wedding presents a bit late apologizes, but personally i love the thought that a gift could arrive at any moment throughout the year!


Christina said...

Late gifts really are fun sometimes! A beautiful afghan! :)
Your new fabric and books look wonderful too.

Meeling said...

How fun!!!
I love getting packages in the mail and if they consist of something homemade, even better.

BTW that bird/flower fabric is gorgeous!

I'm off to check out that fabric website right now!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Great fabric choices! I have yet to use mine - I guess I'm saving them uP for the "next must-have collection" whatever that may be, lol!
And I lOve love love Elizabeth's book too - I was fortunate enough to win a signed copy from her blog giveaway! I'm predicting that it will be the new "go-to" quilting book.

DK said...

Mmm fabric, and books. I love getting things in the mail but I haven't at all lately... unfortunately we are on a tight budget too and since I'm printing I have to be so specific with fabrics :( Lucky you though!

Angela said...


The book looks cute though - I LOVE quilting books and magazines :)