Monday, December 20, 2010

love at the heart of it.

wall embroidery

these are the two custom orders i told you about heading into the weekend, so lovely in their simplicity i think. they are making their way to Oregon now and i must say the gift recipients are some lucky's always nice to get a few of the things off your list that you wanted but when someone puts so much thought and love into such a personal gift, it really means a lot and gets so much closer to the real meaning of christmas. i know i've said this before (perhaps i need to think on it more when i am worried about having not made a sale in a day or two), but i really do feel so lucky to be able to work with clients who care that much and happen to have such good taste!

there's still a couple days for priority and express orders but for the most part, i am able to now declare my own little winter break and it feels good, haha! i am a wee bit giddy to set to work on several projects...some items that are intended as gifts and some crafty things i wanted to do around our own house. i'm not sure how many of them i can finish before christmas, but darnit, i am going to fully enjoy having these few days all to myself and i hope to be posting every day this week with photos so stay tuned!


Emily Elizabeth said...

Enjoy your break - you deserve it! And i completely agree - the best gifts are those special handmade ones where all it takes is a little extra thought!

Meeling said...

Lovely gifts! I totally agree that handmade gifts or those that come from the heart are always the best.

Enjoy your break!

Angela said...

So cute!! I know what you mean about getting to do your own projects - I have just about crafted myself silly this week :)