Friday, December 17, 2010

almost there...

phew, just finished these 10 custom lavender sachets last night! each one has a monogram on the back and they are now on their way to a customer in alabama. now i only have two custom orders left to fill and those i will be able to get done easily enough over the weekend..can't wait to share them with you because i think they are going to be really cute.

in the meantime i am going to take a little break to do some baking and to visit with one of my best friends who is leaving to start grad school in new york after the new year (we are going to have a tea party with scones and clotted cream, mm!). i'm hoping there may also be some time to work on my whoville's been sitting in a corner of my workroom looking so lonely while i stitched away on holiday orders. not that i don't appreciate all of the orders i've gotten in this holiday season, but dang, it really makes me ancy and excited for working on projects that will make our own christmas merry and bright!

what are you working on this last weekend before christmas?


DK said...

Working on preserving my sanity ;p

maureencracknell said...

Wow, these look wonderful! I have been wanting to make some new sachets...but it's going to have to wait until after Christmas. Great job, they're beautiful!

Angela said...

Those are cute!! I am going to finish up my local Christmas shopping and just take it easy until Christmas - and maybe until New Year :)

Meeling said...

Those are lovely!
You did a wonderful job.
I'm glad I'm done...made all the homemade gifts and did all the shopping. Need to wrap a couple little things but that's it.

Now it's time to bake!