Friday, November 12, 2010

holed up in the studio


the last loose ends of my first wholesale order are all tied up and a big batch of matryoshka sachets and aromatherapy compresses will soon be available at doubledutch boutique in baltimore, maryland! i'm thrilled to have this experience under my belt and if you're in the area, i hope you'll be able to stop by and let me know how the display looks! well, i wouldn't be opposed to you buying something either, wink wink.

i've been busy in my workroom with several custom orders as of late and haven't been able to come up for air much lately to photograph or work on my own projects. that's ok though, it's great to have people coming in search of handmade items for the holidays and i feel special to be able to play a part.

i did manage to stitch up one of my matryoshkas, complete with a sturdy red twill loop and stuffed with polyfil...and wah-lah: a lovely little christmas ornament now available in the shop!

matryoshka ornaments

i better get a move on for now cats are stalking their way into my workroom to tell me it's time for their dinner. i wouldn't be surprised if they tried to start gnawing at me if i don't get up and fill their bellies!


Meeling said...

How exciting to have your stuff in that shop! Fun!!
I love the Christmas ornament!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Angela said...

So cute! Had to make her mine :)

geschichtenvonkat said...

o! angela you made my day :)

Christina said...

Your matryoshka ornaments and sachets are soo cute. I will have my own too one of these days! ;)

Congrats on your wholesale order, exciting!!

Btw, I finally sold something *whew* which inspired me to make more things!! haha

DK said...

I have a lavender one of those under my pillow ;)