Tuesday, September 21, 2010

storytime with crazy cat lady.

this is a new design for a pair of embroidered wedding converse that i just finished up. i found some pretty little swarovski crystals to make a little engagement ring and think it turned out pretty well. i had wanted to get them done earlier today but instead i locked myself out of our apartment. um, yeah...i'm a few french fries short of a happy meal today it seems!

you see, our landlord was supposed to be coming over to do some repairs and i thought i heard him knock. i had been doing some seriously fast tidying of the place so i rushed down the stairs to open the door. turns out it was just the postman bumbling around and as i turned to go back up, our older cat zoe rushed between my legs and onto the front porch which is just a few paces from the intersection! i just about lost it because i think i would be darn near inconsoleable if we lost one of our cats (yes, i'm that crazy cat lady and i'm ok with it). i managed to coral her back to our apartment door, which is just short of a miracle, and then promptly slammed it shut so i could sign for a package.

you'd think that an unlocked door would stay unlocked but apparently that's not how ours works. i suppose the lock mechanism must have slipped when i slammed it....*@#as!dg$(*@(asdfga&_@#$!...and that's what i have to say about that! so i sat on the porch enjoying the lovely fall weather thinking our landlord would be there any minute. mmm, not so much: i ended up sitting outside for two hours in my slippers, no cell phone, no nothing. well, i had clothes on...thank goodness for that and that i had not been working in my pj's today...otherwise this story might have gotten really interesting, haha!

all is well that ends well i suppose, right? i'm just thankful the weather was nice and that we have such helpful neighbors who let me use their phone. and yes, i will finally be hiding that spare set of keys we have!


maureencracknell said...


Oh, that is awful about being locked out all day!

Angela said...

oh that stinks!! I lock myself out all the time. I am the crazy lady the neighbors see climbing through windows.

Christina said...

Oh my goodness! Similar things have happened to me in the past year or two haha. Once I was going out with my son and locked the door behind me without realizing I left the house and car keys inside. I had my cell thankfully!! Hubby had to come home from work to let me in the house.

Then another time, I accidentally locked the door and shut it when we were going outside to play, and didn't have my cell. I broke into my own house that time. :\ Slightly damaged a window.

geschichtenvonkat said...

haha, well i do feel better knowing i am not the only one :) those are great stories though christina...well in retrospect i suppose! i definitely remember breaking a window when my brother and i forgot our keys back in high school once...whoops!

p.s. thanks maureen :D