Saturday, June 5, 2010

nesting and decorating efforts, pt. 2

(my favorite hand-painted porcelain plates hanging in the kitchen...i really am a grandma in a 28 year old's body)

many moons ago i posted some photos of nesting details in our home and i've finally managed to get the rest of my photos together for you! i find that when moving often from rental to rental, it is best to focus on cherished (and movable) items to make a house a home since one is so limited in renovating and painting options in apartments and flats. so on that note, here are some more of my favorite things which make our house a home...

my cookbook collection which sets atop my antique Hoosier, a high school
graduation present from the antique shop i worked at growing up...

...and inside the Hoosier: my jadite collection!
a few of the pieces are modern but my favorites
are the vintage jadite restaurant ware by Fire King.

and of course we couldn't leave the kitchen without a snapshot of one of
my favorite items, my felix clock! a reproduction, but still so darn cool!

in the living room i have a couple duncan phyfe tables which i inherited from my mother
when they refurnished their living room. i love the elegant style of this one especially
which folds out into a square card table. for us, it makes a great spot for our record player!

speaking of records, we have quite a lot!

and what home is complete without kitties and a ridiculous amount of books?!

this little care worn travel case with its retro travel stickers was something i found
while working at a long ago estate sale. for many years it has been filled with
photographs and has moved into more apartments than i can count.

"have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"
—william morris


considerthelillies said...

i love everything in your pictures! i have always wanted a hoosier, yours is gorgeous! Love the jadite and the plates and the little adorable suitcase! you have awesome taste!

geschichtenvonkat said...

thank you! i like to think so too, haha ;)

Christina said...

Great decor and pieces! I agree, you have great taste! :) I like that quote at the end too.

Angela said...

I enjoyed the look around your home! - and what a graduation gift!!!

Dylan said...

oh kat its so pretty and cozy & bright - I love it! can you come decorate our house next?

geschichtenvonkat said...

i had drooled over hoosiers for years while working at the antique shop and this was one i had helped to restore so it was a really special gift from the owners who are like second parents to me.

and thank you everyone! it's so very nice to get your comments :)

maureencracknell said...

Great pictures! I love the plates especially. I have been wanting to do that in our dining room, but keep using the plates I have been collecting for it. One of these days... : )