Monday, March 8, 2010

nesting and decorating efforts, pt. 1

spent the day working on my resume, deep-cleaning the kitchen, and making a very good baked potato soup, mmm, hard to believe it was a low-fat recipe!

i promised you some photos of our new place though and my decorating efforts prior to our weekend guests arriving so here is the first batch which highlights some of my favorite trinkets. i'll post more of my efforts around the house and especially in my new crafty workspace later in the week.

our doorknocker which i coveted in anthropologie quite desperately before buying it last year! you just grab his little nose and tap on the body-shaped plate, too cool!

this is one of my favorite spots in our home, right in the corner of the bedroom...colorful pillows atop the cedar chest which is full of quilts and afghans and sitting in front of a big sunny window where the kitties like to sleep...pure contentment to me!

a little corner at the top of the stairs for funky odd 'n old photo of my nana when she was a nurse, a stack of old leather trunks, an antique coke tray leaning up against them, and a candle made to look like a grumpy old troll from a friend's trip to norway.

alas, it would be too cruel to tell you about a troll candle and not actually show it to you! just excuse the flash photography.

my beloved miniature shelf (a repurposed printer's type drawer) which includes a piece of the Berlin wall from my godparents, among several other trinkets picked up along my own travels.

last, but not least, is norm the nome who lives with the rosemary in the kitchen. i don't suppose he'd make it into any decorating feature in better homes and gardens but he's still one of my favorite little details!

p.s. i think we might have found a wedding location in Scotland!! fingers crossed!

p.p.s i hope you're enjoying the extensive use of !!!!!!!!!! in this post!!!


maureencracknell said...

Where did you get the flower pillow? A friend of mine sent me a photo of that same pillow and asked me to make my version with the same design idea.

Great pics!

geschichtenvonkat said...

thank you!

the big flower pillow is another anthropologie buy. i've seen some still in stores but they are no longer on the website as far as i can tell, otherwise i'd link to a bigger photo of it.

it's my favorite pillow though! such great details and color, definitely cheaper to make one though i would think!

cabin + cub said...

Love your door knocker.. it is so cute. And great use of the type drawer as a mini shelf... that is super cute too!