Thursday, June 10, 2010

from the sketchbook

(little bits and pieces from my sketchbook...just click to enlarge)

i've gotten frustrated with the printing quality of my linoblocks. they are not at fault really; linoblocks just show off bold geometric designs the best, but my drawing style leans much more toward line-y, detailed little vignettes which just gets lost with this method of printing. i don't have the space to do engraving like i did in college or screenprinting so instead of carving new stamps and having to simplify or change my vision, i'm just going to scrap the linoblock stuff for the present (all except my polka dot towels which i love too much!) and move onto something that i know i can do.

i've been toying with the idea of how to add more ready-to-go embroidered pieces to the shop for a while now and am now finding it to be the perfect solution to my linoblock dilemma! with it's illustrative abilities, embroidery will be the perfect way to transfer all the little details of my drawings to fabric while at the same time pulling in some loose ends for the overall look that i want the shop to have. why didn't i think of this before?!

so during our string of rainy days this week, i'm busying myself in my sketchbook making doodles of vintage looking cooking utensils, herbs, seed packets, and tea accessories that i will later refine into my own embroidery patterns. the mediums of drawing and embroidery definitely feel "closer to home" for me and i think the change will allow me to show off my design sense more in the final items. and better design = better sales (i hope!).


Dylan said...

ooooo Kat I can't wait to see what you create, I think this is a GREAT idea!!! Im picturing beautiful linen towels with adorable embroidery for putting over biscuits and so forth!

DK said...

Have fun! I don't think I have the patience to do embroidery, but I'm sure it will end up looking awesome :)

geschichtenvonkat said...

yes, that is what i was thinking too dylan! i do hope that they turn out!!

dk...and i apparently don't have the patience for printing, haha. it's good to know someone out there such as yourself is so good at it...ok, and i'm a bit jealous too ;)

Christina said...

That's a good idea! I like your sketches. Will be cool to see them embroidered on things!

considerthelillies said...

your sketches are really good! I love their style and shapes! I bet embroidered on fabric or tea towels, they would be sooo lovely! I did some block printing on tea towels and tote bags last summer but they weren't my passion! I may try again as I still have a lot of blank towels left over from last year!

Angela said...

Oh I think that is a fantastic idea!! I bet they will be too cute!