Monday, May 17, 2010

some (good) changes.

lately, i find much of my time to be wrapped up in wedding projects and planning, but a part of me can't wait for this planning to be over so that i can focus on fixing up the shop! i feel pulled in so many directions at once and have so many projects and new items waiting in the wings. i find myself glancing at the piles of fabric yearningly; there's something about uncut fabric that just leaves me chomping at the bit!

the first big thing on my project to do list will be a few new fabrics, wider ties, and some pleats i think! the second big project will be making more linen and flour sack dishtowels using the linoblocks pictured above, among others, which i carved after my own drawings. I just need to have an entire day to print a whole series of apron pockets and towels, in addition to the polka dot ones i currently make. then i can embellish these printed designs with a bit of embroidery to accent the handprinted shapes or compliment the fabric patterns used.

i can't wait to share the finished items with the meantime, it seems i'm going to be a very busy little bee!


Angela said...

The aprons sound great! I LOVE aprons and actually do wear them (normally just my industrial one that I borrowed from the restaurant one year at Christmas and never returned-LOL) The tea towels are going to be fantastic with that tea pot!

Purely Paige said...

I can't wait to see the new tea towels and I so love aprons! I think cooking is SO much more fun with a cute apron! I know what you mean about being busy! Funny how there just never seems to be a safe middle in this business. I either feel completely overwhelmed and busy or wishing that I was completely overwhelmed and busy!Yet I still love what I do! haha

DK said...

Can't wait to see all the new stuff! I know how you feel, I've been eyeballing my fabric lately, but in the process of completely overhauling my two studios so it will have to wait. The consolation is that it will be a million times easier to work with my new set up!