Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm a busy little bee

just one of the projects that's been keeping me busy: i recently finished work on this custom draft stopper for a couple who's apartment is right next to the elevator, so it will be doing double duty as an energy saver and a noise-blocker! most things in my shop are pretty colorful so this was kind of a nice change to work on with the neutral stripes on each end.

now that that's taken care of i can finish up work on two more embroidered wall hangings which will be simplified versions of the first one i did but for other couples of course. they're going to be with white linen this time, pale blue and grey floss, and some pretty buttons from my collection in creams and pale blues. very antique and elegant i think.

i also tried working with those linoblocks today but the finished towel did not meet up with the expectations i had for it in my head....don't you hate when that happens?! i got frustrated and am not sure if i can save what i made so far but the best thing in such a situation seems to be to just step away from the project for a bit of perspective. i'm bound determined to have them look great...just may take a bit more patience and time than i was originally planning on. c'est la vive, eh?

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DK said...

I'm venturing cautiously into lino cutting and block printing, I think you have to expect a certain "rustic" quality out of it.. it's definitely never perfect, or at least mine aren't lol