Wednesday, March 10, 2010

scotland wedding scouting

(church ruins in the waternish penninsula, photo

we've been doing SO MUCH research about getting married abroad, which is what we've chosen to do instead of a traditional wedding, and we've finally found a couple different sites that will actually work!!! i'm not sure i can put into words how happy this makes me!

we had wanted to have a private ceremony, that is to say just the two of us, in england somewhere as my fiance's best friend lives there and will be in attendance as our witness. turns out there are residency requirements there though but not in Scotland! bless you scots! (also, did you know cousins can marry each other in italy?! major creepy eeks.)

so we looked around and thought that Skye in the isles off the highlands was really the most beautiful place, which is where the church ruins are, pictured above. The local reverend has married other foreigners right there in the ruins overlooking the sea. INCREDIBLE, right?! romantic, intimate, still technically a church, haha, and just the quiet little kind of place we have been looking for.

(the view from the church ruins overlooking the sea and dunvegan head, photo

originally, we had been planning a smallish more traditional wedding but after my fiance was laid off, we moved, and times got tough, we got to thinking a lot more about what we want out of this life together as well as our financial situation. We both long to travel and now that money is short, we decided the best use of our savings would be to use most of it to survive on as long as jobs remain in short supply. the other part we have decided should not be spent on flowers that fade and feeding relatives at one big reception, but instead on a short honeymoon-combined-ceremony that will be just us and a couple witnesses. the only cost is the plane tickets and some humble lodgings which i think we deserve after waiting this long to get married, never having traveled together except to visit family, and the loss of my engagement ring. times have been hard but they have certainly had a way of putting important things into perspective!

hopefully soon i can share with you the inspiration and fabric swatches for the simple dress i am having made. i can't believe it's all coming together!! here is another post on our plans if you're interested.


Dylan said...

I'm jealous, it looks BEAUTIFUL. Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? It is a MUST if you are going to be so lucky as to travel to Scotland. I dream of going there every day since reading those books. Congratulations!

geschichtenvonkat said...

i have not read those but will certainly check them out....googling them now...looks like historical-romancy-fiction-esque? i love that type of stuff!

i've never traveled overseas so i am UBER excited...more about the traveling and being married than the wedding itself, lol. looking forward to lots of fresh air, tweedy tartans, and scottish words that sound like i am coughing when i say them :D

Dylan said...

You will have an AMAZING time! I traveled overseas during college, but mostly alone - it would be incredible to go now with my husband. Hopefully one day! Yes, they are historical-romancy-fiction-esque, but not at all in a cheesy way. And if you are one to devour books (like up all night with the flashlight on) you'll be happy too b/c i believe there are seven out now, and more coming in T minus 3 and a half years (I think it takes her about 4 years to write one. I'm obsessed...Enjoy, and keep posting about your plans, its fun to live vicariously!

Eline Oftedal said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I think the difference between tartan and plaid is that tartan is linked to a clan, while plaid is not - not sure if that is the fact.

I love Scotland and have had some great holidays there. Allways come home with some tartan fabric! Good luck with your sewing project!

cabin + cub said...

oh how gorgeous to have your wedding in scotland!....ahhhh. weddings... just thinking of them makes me all happy and giddy inside. ;)

Quirks said...

that sounds so romantic :) I lived in Scotland for 5 years and I must say be prepared for it to be cold lol. With all the cold weather, it makes the warm days feel extra warm :D It is really beautiful there.

geschichtenvonkat said...

dylan--you know, i did read with a flashlight as a younger girl until it got taken from me and since then i learned to read by the neighbor's yard light! well, until i started setting my own alarm clock and paying for my own electricity, haha. they sound like great books though, i'm taking a walk to the library soon to pick them up!

eline--love reading your blog and was excited to see your comment here! that does sound like a proper tartan vs. plaid definition or at least you've convinced me ;) i'm excited to look for some while i'm there now!

quirks--wow, that is very cool and thanks for the tip! the wedding will be in july..i hope that won't be too bad but we are more rainy day type people anyway so i guess we'll bring our sweaters and wellies along to the ceremony and hope for the best! :)

thank you for your comments everyone, i love getting them!