Tuesday, March 16, 2010

etsy finds: love me some suds

(photo from soapopotamus)

(photo from yummysuds)

(photo from MollycoddleSoap)

there are so many great bath and body products on etsy and i've gathered just a few really spectacular ones here to share with you. i've purchased some of the guinness beer soap shown above (great lather!) and am wondering in amazement how someone transformed glycerin into a hotdog! from chocolate scented soaps to the works of soapopotamus which actually resemble food in such an uncanny fashion, i'm always drawn to the ones that look and smell like i could eat them! such a very bad idea though, alas.

form and scent are great but i also want to feature some sellers that make a point of letting us know their ingredients are organic. so many use goat's milk in soap which really is amazing for skin, but making sure that it is organic, local, and from small farms is important in so many ways as it not only usually means the treatment of the animals themselves is good but it's also better for your body, the environment, and invigorates an important aspect of our economy. buying organic (and especially from small local producers such as those on etsy and at your local farmer's market) can get you a lot closer to knowing that your hard-earned dollar goes to support eco- and animal-friendly operations such as Crowley Manor...and hey, that just makes sense because then we are supporting a great world for our kids to live in even if it is in baby steps!

(photo from SkinBathandBody)

(photo from CrowleyManor)

(photo from PixieSoap)

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