Thursday, March 4, 2010

my birthday rant

(this is not the most recent photo of me, but it's what i felt like doing today!)

today is my 28th birthday and it has certainly been a day of mixed feelings. mostly good, i shouldn't complain, but right smack dab in the middle of good birthday vibes i got an email about a library job i applied for in Boston, a big fat REJECTION email. i wasn't expecting it today and just burst into tears as i wanted it SO MUCH. it wouldn't have just been a job i liked, it would have meant we could ditch the food stamps and other such lovely aspects of poverty. i just want to work, is that so much to ask?! gee willikers though, this adulthood stuff stinks sometimes, don't it?

so i must focus on the good things. we keep telling ourselves there are plenty of good things, plenty of blessings in our lives to be thankful for, one just has to look a bit harder during times like these. I am incredibly thankful to my fiance who made me coffee this morning and pad thai for lunch. He also got my violin restrung after 12 years of me not playing it! I played for 8 years back in the day and now i think it's just our cats who are very much NOT thankful for it being restrung! We are also going to have my favorite dinner: club sandwiches with avocado!! I am thankful for our kitties, for a roof over our heads, and that sales have been good in my etsy shops (so i'm also thankful for you!). On top of all this, i got some big fat AWESOME emails from Kirby at button + boo who is working with me tirelessly to create the wedding dress of my dreams on a majorly small budget.

i will keep all these good thoughts on repeat for the rest of the evening and perhaps have a little too much wine as well, haha. phew, i feel better now!


Kirby said...

Well I didn't know it was your Birthday! that sure is a blessing in disguise. I'm so glad that I can brighten your day a bit.

I'm not sure who you feel about this but check into starbucks. my fiance works there. after 3 months he was able to aply for health insurance and he is able to support himself pretty well. and then there is the fact that he LOVES it! I'm very proud of him for moving out to NYC from the small town in WI that he grew up in to be with me, find a job and be able to help with the bills.

geschichtenvonkat said...

o that is quite romantic of him to come out to nyc like that...any job that makes that kind of thing feasible is honorable!

and it's good suggestion, thank you! i was just thinking about one of us applying to starbucks the other day as i have heard good things from other folks who have found fulfilling temp. and long-term employment with them..supposedly their health insurance is worth it alone. in addition to just wanting to work again, the coffee part is a pretty nice draw :)