Saturday, February 6, 2010

magnets and memories

i've been working on rephotographing a lot of items in my shop now that we have all these lovely sunny windows in our house. the use of natural light is really a big improvement i think while the other side of my perfectionist's brain says, "there is always room for improvement!"

so far, i have gotten through all the fabric magnets and i'm especially happy with these "action shots." ahh, haha, well they at least show the magnets in use and how fun looking it is to have these guys on ones fridge...i suppose that's as much action as magnets can expect to see! The little matroshka magnets in the shot i've included here are actually holding up a picture of me and some friends from waaay back when during vacation bible school—that's me in the middle there with the big floppy hat! i love how the little blonde girl seems to have great medical ambitions while the other two of us are much more interested in being generally fabulous.

just click to the image below to see a full selection of these little darlings:

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