Tuesday, February 23, 2010

domino withdrawals

two of my favorite inspiration photos from domino
(copyright domino magazine, condé nast)

i just need to lament a little...i'm going through domino withdrawals....has it really been almost a year now since it's cancellation by Condé Nast?

you see, i've been in overdrive attempting to get my craft room (and the rest of the house) in order since we are expecting some out of town guests in march and my fiance has promised them "non- to semi-squalid" living quarters for the duration of their stay (geeeeeeez louise, kind of a tall order, huh?! haha). in doing so, i have been archiving my magazine collection and filling bookshelves, organizing materials in a practical and pleasing way, and unpacking those last couple stubborn boxes of indeterminable "stuff" that seem to lurk around after a move.

so today i share with you what i've drummed up for inspiration in lieu of domino...and i think i might have hit the spot!

this is the color of paint i'd like for the walls in my workroom. i'm told it's from martha stewart's lowes paint line that is no longer available. let's hope her new line (coming this spring) has a similar color!

(from annaleahart's flickr stream, but you should also check out her blog)

this is perfect as eventually, my workroom will also have a pull out futon bed thingy in it for guests. alas, with a complete lack of funds, our guests will be staying on the trusty blow up mattress we use for camping. i'm big on colorful pillow arrangements myself...some anthro ones and some homemade.

(another from annaleahart's flickr stream)

o bunting, how you tempt me. I want to make some as decoration for our wedding reception (we're still going to have something of the sort at my parent's farm after eloping) but this photo makes me think that i could make a miniature version and then use it as edging on some bookshelves. Also, if you flip through her flickr stream, you'll see that one of those embroidery hoops is a c.s. lewis quote...quality!

and finally...

(this is actually a movie still from the biopic Sylvia Plath, screen capture thanks to Sweet Sunday Mornings)

I love me some Sylvia Plath, maybe not quite so much this movie, but it does indeed have beautiful costumes and set design. I love the simplicity in this still. My spaces and I get consumed in color amd chaos sometimes and as i sit here typing looking out my own northshore massachusetts window, i think i could indeed do with a bit of simplicity and clarity.

so now i've posted the inspiration...stay tuned for my decorating updates...albiet on a poverty row type budget!


Bethany Dirksen said...

Those are really wonderful photos to draw inspiration from. I love the color blocking of the first photo with the magazines. That simple technique always makes me happy. It's how I have ended up organizing my paintings in my etsy shop and it makes me smile on a regular basis!

geschichtenvonkat said...

ahh, yes...i went back to your shop to take a peek. i think i did notice that, it does have a nice effect!

at our last apartment, i had one huge bookshelf all arranged by colorblocking. but then we moved and the librarian in me won out..it was beautiful but so hard to find what i wanted on the shelf, ha!

Kirby said...

You should check out Lonnymag.com! it's a great online mag that is helping us through the days with no Domino.

geschichtenvonkat said...

oooo great magazine! thanks for the suggestion kirby :)