Sunday, February 28, 2010

back from the berkshires

(we found a photobooth on the way home across the mass pike and just couldn't resist)

just got back from a weekend out in the berkshires of western mass. it's beyond beautiful out there with all the snow toppled high on picturesque mountains and cottages. got to visit with friends, sit by the fire with good drinks, laughs, and kind of weekend!

Triple Self-Portrait, Norman Rockwell

we also stopped by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge which was, kind of surprisingly, very cool! being an art history major in college, the textbooks never really mention him but it's an interesting time right now as his work is really starting to gain a lot of admiration and respect in what had been closed circles of the fine art world. I've always liked his images but i certainly have a new found respect for him as an artist after seeing his brushwork and attention to detail up-close and in-person.

i'll have to keep it brief tonight though as it's later than i would like and have a few odds and ends to tie up before my head can hit that lovely pillow!


cabin + cub said...

cute photobooth pics... we always hop into one when we see the black and white booths too.. they are so much fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

your photobooth pictures are so cute! I love those. They remind me of summers at the beach.