Tuesday, January 5, 2010

etsy finds: inspiration in winter white

sometimes when i should be doing chores or work or something productive i'm actually, well, not doing those things(!). instead, i'm roaming around the internet looking at lovely little things and here are some items from etsy inspired by the snowy blankets heaped up outside our windows tonight.

from little love blue's etsy shop
i find these two little polar bears to be so sweet and artfully made with their
stubby legs and calm expressions. I don't have children of my own though
so what reason can i come up with to justify spending that kind of money on stuffed animals?
hmm, must set the ole noggin' to work on this one...

from amie plante's etsy shop
it's very interesting to me when someone takes one material and makes
it look or behave like another. who would think that that bit of sterling silver
could capture the character of a sturdy little pear branch? only in the hands of an artisit.

from awkward's etys shop
i've recently taught myself to crochet and knit in the round
(insert a few days of growling and sighing but much contentment at the end of it here).
i've been looking at crocheted and knitted pieces in a new light ever since
and love the little mismatched buttons on these delicate little wristlets!

from ralph nuara's etsy shop
there's something about holding a piece of hand thrown pottery
in ones own cupped hands that is such an overwhelming tactile experience.
I've taken a couple ceramic courses myself and worked with a similar
iridescent white glaze..like snow or an small oil puddle glinting in the soft sun.

this also makes me think of a lovely little poem i keep on the fridge:
same old, same old pair of slippers
same old, same old bowl of rice

same old, same old view of paradise

it's the lovely little things in life that make so many otherwise quiet little days worthwhile i think.

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