Sunday, April 12, 2009

gvk house cleaning sale

I've been doing a rare but ferocious deep cleaning of our apartment this weekend and so i thought it was also high time i aired out the shop. Lucky you, all this house cleaning means I've added several items to the sale section and have taken $5 off selected draft snakes.

Best of all, I've just gotten to 49 sales! Hurry over because if you become my 50th sale, I will refund you 10% your purchase (not including shipping)!!


Samantha said...

You know, having a wash basin and board like that would make my life so much easier! ;)

As it is now, I drive them an hour to my grandparents house when I visit them once a week and what can't wait goes in the sink!

Good luck on your 50th sale, that's so exciting!

byrheea said...

This pic is such a classic. Though not my era, I appreciate vintage stuff like this one :)
Congrats and good luck on your 50th sale.. plus more to come!