Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fabulous felt finds

i've recently been attempting to teach myself how to do some needle felting. it was slow going at first, but now that i am acquiring some better tools, it's actually quite fun. I also love how many different types of things people are creating with this medium!

so to go along with that, i thought i'd post a of few beautiful felt items i found in etsy land in the past few days...just wish i had pockets deep enough to grab one of each for myself!

Rosette Fascinator - The Swan, By giantdwarf
Isn't this gorgeous? Sigh, if only people dressed like this all the time...

Felt Owl Brooch, By lovahandmade
actually, i have already bought one of these cute little brooches for myself to adorn my spring jacket!

Felt Laptop Sleeve, By Lusitania
I can't imagine how much work went into this piece, what cunning design sensibility!

Eunice, By Mummysam
"Eunice has just bought a new pair of glasses, and decided to head out to town to celebrate...."
hahaha, i just love this!


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kim* said...

gotta love them felts!

cabin + cub said...

i love felt! that owly fella is pretty cute!