Tuesday, January 27, 2009

winter finally arrives in DC!

It has been a long wait, but finally, just as January was about to squeak by without a single drop of precipitation, snow has come to DC! I woke up this morning not feeling so well because of some loopy nightmares, but my day was immediately brightened when i opened the shutters of the window to see it falling swift and silently all over our street.

Now, I am from Michigan so I know that those of you in the north will—rightfully—give a chuckle at what DC considers "a whole lot" of snow. If i was still waking up to lake effect snow storms on a daily basis I would indeed be getting a bit tired of the white stuff. But it's rather rare here so there's nothing like a good snow to remind you of what a real winter is!

It's only an inch or so, but for Washingtonians, this is pretty much as serious as the apocalypse itself. For entertainment on nights such as this, we just watch some of the local news around the DC metro area where you will get to see reporters interviewing frightened natives who are stacking up on as much toilet paper and canned goods as they can carry. it's cute really, hehe.

Well, I shouldn't make too much fun though...when summer comes with it's hellish humidity to this old town built on swamp land, karma makes a beeline for me. I may be able to shovel several feet of snow and drive on black ice with the best of them, but the folks in these parts certainly have me beat when it comes to withstanding the august air, so thick with moisture that you'd start to wonder if it could be classified as a liquid! For now then, I'll just shut my trap and enjoy my blankets and hot tea ;)

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