Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Valentine's Lined Envelopes are Here!

I got some special papers just for Valentines and here are some of the new envelopes made with them, now in the shop; pretty and a little old-fashioned and perfect for your special valentine! Take a peek, I hope you like them!

In other news, I've finally got some new linen towels that will soon go into the shop as well. Unlike the previous batch, I put these in the wash before setting the ink with the iron. This left them all with a perfectly faded vintage look (now that the ink has been set, they won't fade any further). The red now reminds me of a vintage coca-cola sign.

In this batch, I also tried out some of the kitchen tool linoblocks i had carved along with the usual potato stamp polka dots. I love the way the colanders turned out (see the turquoise towel above) and hope to post the first of these tomorrow as long as I can get through all the photography i need to do of new items!


Mama Mayborne... said...

LOVE the envelopes. very cute!!

315thomas said...

oh, i am loving the envelopes... so adorable!

p.s. - you've been tagged!

Waseem said...

Do you have some Gift Card envelopes to share?

thestoryofkat said...

Hi Waseem :) Unfortunately, I no longer carry any of my stationary products.