Saturday, January 17, 2009

tag—you're it!

i've been tagged by 315thomas (a lovely blog you should check out!), and i thought that instead of tagging other blogs i would tag you, my beautiful readers. i'll share 7 random things about myself and, in turn, ask that you might leave a comment with a random piece of info about yourself so that i can get to know you as well!

so here it goes:

1. friends always recognize me in a crowd because of my laugh. it sounds something like a hyena with hiccups and i have no control over it; i am told this is both endearing as well as disturbing ;)

2. i have been all over north america but have never gotten the chance to travel overseas. i would like to do this more than anything else in the world!!!

3. my greatest fears involve clowns (or really any adult in costume), having my head underwater, and rare skin diseases—weird, i know.

4. i played the violin for 8 years starting in the 5th grade. i love and miss playing in an orchestra and hope that someday i will do so again.

5. i am addicted to shopping at Anthropologie. best. store. ever.

6. in college, i spent a semester in new york city where i was an intern at Saturday Night Live and at the Whitney Museum of American Art. unforgettable and very surreal!

7. i am that person who stoops to pick up pennies in the street, every single one, i just can't help myself!


Krissy said...

I pick pennies up too.
That's so cool that you were an intern at SNL, did you meet anyone cool and famous?

geschichtenvonkat said...

yeah i was a photography intern at snl back in the fall of '05! We got to see so much behind the scenes kind of stuff which was really surreal for me after watching the much older shows growing up.

along with the cast we got to meet all the people that came on that season (kanye west was really cool in person...ashlee simpson, not so much). Apart from getting people coffee, they pretty much tried to keep us interns away from the famous people; although once I was asked to hang christmas ornaments all over alec baldwin and there was one night that i barely missed running into mike myers with an entire stack of pizzas...totally not klutzy at all!

Nicole said...

im addicted to Anthropologie too...tho i do drift to Urban Outfitters if im running low on the cash. haha

i cam across your page after googling "intern at SNL". if you dont mind me asking, how did the process of interning go? were you a photography major? im a film student and want to get into tv production. any help you can give would be AWESOME!

surprising Kanye would be nicer than im really more interested with the actual cast than the guests!