Friday, January 23, 2009

something old, something new, something just for you!

How do you say "geschichtenvonkat" anyways?! Try this: geh-sheeek-10-vaughn-cat
The name is German (as is my own ancestry) and translates to "histories," or "stories" of Kat (that's me!).

I first used the phrase as a title for my fine art portfolio in college as a way to show how each piece explored a theme of personal histories and memories fused with connections I'd made in the area of my art historical studies and important issues therein which resonated with me and my growth as an artist. I loved being able to trace theoretically rich and visually gripping imagery which allowed me to make sense of all the new things i was learning in light of my own family history and experiences.

When I started my Etsy shop, I thought the phrase could also be quite fitting to the types of items i wanted to make: the kind of simple but elegant household items which I treasure so much as family heirlooms, individually handmade with care so that each has as much charm and style as it does old-fashioned practicality.

One of my absolute favorites has been this draft snake which is now for sale in my shop. I decided to feature it here since it combines all these themes quite nicely and is completely lovely besides! This particular draft snake is made with several different fabrics, many of which have a story to tell...

The toille was used for the very first item which I made and sold on Etsy!

The black satin is leftover from the 50s style dress that my grandmother helped me to make for my senior prom in highschool. I had long matching black gloves and vintage rhinestones to match!

The black oriental silk was hung as the background of a small oil painting done in college.

The blue plaid is a piece of my favorite shirt from high school.

The lime green is from the bedsheets which I used in my first college dorm room. I had stayed home in community college for my first year so heading to Target to buy things for my very own dorm room was a big deal!

The yellow and pale green are bits of vintage fabric from my grandmother. She made a living as a seamstress and taught me to sew using old scraps from her wonderfully supplied sewing room.

The deep red is cut from a pair of curtains that hung in my fiances old chinatown apartment.

The dark brown is leftover from an outfit which my grandmother made for one of my china dolls when i was a girl.

Many of the calico prints are from fat quarters used for many of my own quilting projects.

(Not sure what a Draft Snake is though? Check out the item description to read about how this old-fashioned item can help you save bundles on heating and cooling!)


heidi said...

cool blog title. draft snakes rock (my poor old house requires many). I'm just JEALOUS of your red Hunter rain boots! ;)

geschichtenvonkat said...

thanks!! you've got a good eye for spotting those Hunter boots, haha. i love them dearly...i have such big feet that my mom had to special order them and a custom pair of liners from the UK! now i jump in puddles wherever I go :)