Wednesday, December 10, 2008

some randomness and some name dropping

tonight we are going to a friend's place up in cleveland park. we're not quite organized enough to have a book club so we are attempting to start meeting here and there to watch and discuss all kinds of different documentary films (and eat of course). I believe tonight we will be watching 'The War Room,' an older one which chronicles the 1992 Clinton campaign and the tactics of the two men behind the scenes, James Carville and George Stephanopoulos. I'm excited because, well, i'm a nerd.

and you know what?! on an only somewhat related tangent...this past spring when i was waiting for the bus after work on a quiet georgetown street, i realized the cute family passing by with their dog was none other than Mr. Stephanopoulos with his wife and two daughters...terribly cute family i must say! my first childhood crushes were on Peter Jennings and George Stephanopoulos (yeah, i was a strange kid) so I was a bit flabergasted as i stood on the corner not really knowing what to do. well, i only peeked out of the corner of my eye as i did not want to be that annoying googly-eyed weird person who interrupts an obviously nice family moment.

moving on from mr. stephanopoulos though...SIGH...i wanted to ask if anyone out there has any recommendations for interesting documentaries? As an art history junkie, i've been hoping to see The Rape of Europa. the summary on IMBD describes it much better than i:

"THE RAPE OF EUROPA is a feature documentary that takes the audience on an epic journey through seven countries and into a violent whirlwind of fanaticism, greed, and warfare that threatened to wipe out the artistic heritage of Europe. For twelve long years, the Nazis looted and destroyed art on a scale unprecedented in history. But heroic young art historians and curators from America and across Europe fought back, mounting a miraculous campaign that would rescue and return the millions of art works displaced by the war. Joan Allen narrates this chronicle about the battle over the very survival of centuries of western culture." (Written by Actual Films)

So let me know what you think are must see documentaries, I'd love to hear your suggestions!


yellowfish said...

what a good idea! I'd be way more likely to do this than a book club (even though I read, so who knows why that is). I can't think off the top of my head of historical documentaries- but two completely random ones are 'Born into Brothel's' from a few years ago, and then 'The King of Kong' which is ridiculously hilarious (although, it may have few discussion points other than being hilarious?)

leah said...

I really enjoyed 'King Corn' which is about the big agribusiness that growing corn has become. Two guys move out to Iowa for a year to grow an acre of corn. Through the film, they show what goes into growing corn these days, why corn has replaced many other crops, and the government subsidies that allow farmers to continue growing it. You also learn what happens to the corn once it has been harvested (think high fructose corn syrup and corn-fed beef). If you enjoyed Michael Pollan's book 'Omnivore's Dilemma' you'll like this documentary. Leah (lalablah from etsy)