Tuesday, December 9, 2008

insert sewing binge here

i admit, i've been a terrible blogger in the last few days, but i must say that it's quite amazing how much work i can get done when i am not feeding my computer addiction! here are about half of the potholders i've gotten started...material is cut, stuffing stuffed, and the linoblock prints have turned out really nice for the opposite sides. i've used the colander and utensil stamps that i made previously and also tried them out on some linen dishtowels which i think turned out pretty nicely if i do say so myself!

now i just need to do the hand stitching inside and out, add the fun details of the twill loop and tag and then they're set (goodness, that sounds so much quicker than it will actually be)! i'll be taking a batch of them to my first trunk show(!!) which is coming up next week and hopefully they'll all come out as nice as these which are currently for sale in my shop.

i've also gotten the chance to make those draft snakes i mentioned before, my favorite is this one which is almost set to take with me to the show as well. don't fret though, there are doubles of almost everything and those i will be posting to the shop!

and yes, i have just a very small affection for LOTS of COLOR! :)

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