Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a sigh of relief and contentment

so last night was the holiday party/trunk show/everything but the kitchen sink soiree and we had so much fun! I loved the experience of meeting so many new and interesting folks from around DC, setting up my wares to share, and eating way too many mini brownies. I'd say the event was definitely a great success and a good experience for me to have as my first attempt at in-person selling as it was very relaxed, no pressure, and lively atmosphere.

so glad i can take a break from sewing my fingers to the bone though, i must admit. still, i will use my christmas break to work on the quilt for my niece. it's so lovely in a creamy white and calico rose with ivory satin binding. the back will have embroidery work with a lullaby and nature/farm themed vignettes to complement the roses and that our family comes from a long line of sturdy german farmers :) i'll have to post some images once i get enough work done on it to share and here's hoping the lack of a definitive deadline should keep my finger tips from cracking and peeling any more!

before fully giving in to the holiday break though, i need to head to the post office and ship out the last of the christmas orders. i would so much love to stay in bed with piles of blankets and tea, my cat, and a good book, but duty calls and i'll soon be off to the post office in georgetown.

this too shall pass, as my mother would say. i'll spend the rest of this week photographing all the new pieces which i made for the show, baking up a serious christmas cookie storm, and wrapping all those gifts i bought on etsy. i am so excited to see people's faces when they open them!! apart from the midnight candlelit service, those faces are pretty much my favorite part of christmas.

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