Wednesday, December 17, 2008

just a small helping of sarcasm

we saw the first two superman movies on tv just a bit ago and i kind of ended up liking them alot. campy and all of course, but why was i not aware that christopher reeve was so darn charming?! my other half can get pretty excited if i show any interest in all things involving science fiction or comics so the last two superman movies are now in our netflix queue.

i was attempting to ask some stupid questions that might push his buttons so i wondered aloud if there was any chance that superman and santa claus might be in cahouts...after all the fortress of solitude IS at the north pole right? they'd obviously end up petsitting for eachother or borrowing a cup of sugar since no on else seems to be around up there! AND what is more all-american than superman and santa?! exactly.

so then, he found this comic and sent it to me which i love! it's pretty much exactly what i had in mind when i thought of superman and santa claus being in cahouts...i hope it's not one of those things that i find highly amusing but doesn't quite come across in translation ;)

in other news, i'm slowly filling the shop back up with new items this week. i sold several individual lined envelopes at the show monday night so i thought i'd try putting some up on etsy too. i've also added a lovely set of vintage napkins which i think are just beautiful, perfect for an afternoon tea party!

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