Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grandma Meets Design

yo-yo pillows
(the two in the background are store bought ages ago and the bear is a handmade heirloom from my husband's childhood)

The first two pillows for my shop are finally here! Can i just say that i am pleased as punch with these? I know, way to toot my own horn there, geez louise. But the idea/design/fabrics/technique have been running around in my head for a while and there is always something a bit magical about having one of your creations take shape and looking all snazzy in its own little Etsy listing, no matter how many times you finish a seam and click that button.

I decided to make up two of the same design with yo-yo rosettes in slightly different fabrics from my AMH scraps—each one sewn, pieced, and attached by hand. What i love most about them is the bright against the sparse, the way they combine a more traditional homespun aesthetic with an overall clean and modern design. I really wanted to take what I loved about quilting and blend it with a contemporary bohemian รก la anthropologie look. I might just have to put one aside for my own decor/napping needs...

yo-yo pillows
yo-yo rosettes in two colorways of anna maria horner little folks voile

Each one fits a 14x14 inch pillow form and has an envelope closure with my very own professionally printed labels that I'm pretty geeked about (from mommiemadeit on etsy...i just can't show much with my website on it since i use flickr as a photo platform but you can see them, and specifics on the pillows, here and here).

I want to continue this line with a few more designs featuring other old-school quilt blocks such as the dresden plate, grandmother's flower garden, pinwheels, or perhaps some miniature patchwork. Now if only I could get my hands on a few of those Liberty of London Color Wheel bundles! Did I almost not post that link because I'm afraid they'll sell out again before I can strike it rich? Um, maybe...gosh this fabric addiction might be getting serious!


Meeling said...

LOVE your yo-yo pillows...they look great!!!

Mommiemadeit does my labels too...she's great!!!

I'd be keeping one of those for myself for sure! ;-)

Unknown said...

I am super in love with those pillows - very granny chic. I might have to borrow your idea :)
And I'm with you on the Liberty fabrics. Oooooo golly, those are delicious!

red-handed said...

Who doesn't love a red bear?

Angela said...

Kat - I absolutely LOVE them!! They are totally gorgeous!! If I ever do get that little booth in the antique mall, I would LOVE to have some of your those little cuties to put in it!!

thestoryofkat said...

thank you everyone...totally blushing ;)

angela, when you get that spot (as i think you are destined to!) i am totally up for doing some sort of consignment, that would be great!!