Friday, September 20, 2013

Back on the Horse

Life Lately 4
Summer 2013 (from left to right, top to bottom): making friendship bracelets with my Fiber Camp girls, a visit to Baxter State Park in Maine, some crazy quilt foundation piecing for a soft book of colors, me and my husband out for a night on the town, my measly radish harvest, sashiko samples for a class I taught and some appropriate reading, strawberry season, a victorian wedding dress from the collection inventory I'm conducting at a local historical society for my internship, one of my camper's embroidered TOMS!

Have I really not written here since May?! It seems hard to believe but I suppose it must be true. I have not, in fact, fallen of the face of the earth, but been enjoying a restful summer before my last semester of grad school classes. LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL CLASSES. I think that deserves a little caps lock, eh? Next up I finish my internship and start my thesis. And that, friends, brings on feelings on great excitement and great panic. But we'll leave that for now...

Since May, I've gotten to do a little traveling in the NE region, not too far but just far enough to feel like I escaped for a bit. I've done lots of canning and reading and sewing so have plenty of adventures to catch up on. I've been teaching more embroidery classes which, if you're in the Boston area and interested, you can keep up with by following my facebook page. And if you're just strangely super duper interested in what I've been up to, you can hop on over to my instagram feed which is where I've been the most active lately!

Some exciting new patterns are in the works for the shop in the coming season and I'm looking forward to sharing pictures and live links with you soon!


Meeling said...

Love your little photo collage! Time has a funny way of running away on us doesn't it!!??

Glad to hear all is well and yay for last semesters - go you!!

thestoryofkat said...

Thanks Meeling! So nice to hear from you, thanks for commenting :) I'm hopping on over to you corner of the blog world now to do some catching up!