Saturday, April 27, 2013

Karma Coming and Going

Cross Stitch Collection feature
A big thank you to Cross Stitch Collection magazine for featuring some of my stitching in their May 2013 issue! It's such a treat to have ones work noticed and I am completely flattered. It's available on new stands now and online here.

You may have seen this already, but I wanted to pass it along just in case!

As some may know, I live just outside and work and attend school in the city of Boston which is on the road to recovering from the recent Boston Marathon bombings. It felt odd to be blogging about projects or my etsy shop during that time, but I can say I was glad to have something to keep my hands busy as we sat in the house during the lockdown. Hand work seriously is great therapy!

The entire week was one of uncertainty, but I have been really touched by all that our neighbors, strangers and friends alike, are doing to pull together and support one another in the face of such evil. I hate the way it has come about of course, but I'm so grateful for the slim silver lining I have found—being able to witness the way everyone has come together so unequivocally to support each other and the victims of this tragic event. Though I adore the landscape, climate, and history, our move from DC to this area a bit over three years ago left me struggling to adjust to the more private and straight-edged New England culture. Because of that, it has been meaningful to me in many ways to see these ostensible acts of neighborliness in the face of such tragic and awful events. It's here, it just lives below the surface, just waiting to bubble to the may just have to look for it in different ways than you would in the midwest or south of the mason dixon line.

Long-winded story short I guess, that is just part of why I want to pass along the opportunity to contribute blocks (or material if you don't sew!) to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild to support their effort in donating quilts to those affected by the bombings. The deadline to submit is May 24th and you can find all the details here on their blog. I'm personally not a member since I have a crazy student/work schedule, but I definitely plan on sending in some blocks and hope you will too so we can keep passing along some of that much needed neighborliness to those in need!

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Christina said...

Congrats on the feature!!

It must have been worrisome to be on lockdown, but glad it's all behind you. And good for some neighborliness. :)