Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Books

back to school

Where o where has this blogger been? Well, August has turned out to be unexpectedly busy and full of some big new changes for us which have managed to keep me busy and distracted (not to fear though, I have a few posts up my sleeve that are on their way). In the meantime, I have some exciting news to share: today I am starting my first class in pursuit of my Master's of Museum Studies at Harvard! I am thrilled and nervous as this is a dream come true that's been a long time in coming.

First things first, I will still be blogging and running my etsy shop (in fact, it's time I started building up inventory for the big shopping season that's coming up so expect to see some new listings over the next several weeks!). I'll be balancing part-time school with part-time work so that will make for a rigorous, but definitely fulfilling, new schedule and pace. It may take me a little to get my head wrapped around being a student again and learning to balance that with work and a social life of some kind (I hope...), but I really am looking forward to the challenge and hopeful that my etsy shop can help me see my way through so that I do not have to try and balance work on someone else's schedule as well. Time will tell I suppose so my fingers remain crossed.

I expect to always continue with my etsy shop and this blog on some level as it is as much a part of me as anything. I love the work that both allow me to do and the outlet it has become for me but the longer I am away from museum work, the less whole I feel. With a double major in art and art history, I knew my life would always involve both creative hands-on work and scholarly pursuits within the world of museums and art history. Questions of how and if I would be able to manage both within a career have been quite another story though and I am feeling a huge sense of peace and purpose now knowing that I am the kind of person who needs to keep a hand in both worlds and that I don't need to continue to deny one in order to pursue the other wholeheartedly. My husband has always been so gracious in giving me time to work through this and so we had always planned on getting him settled in a stable job he loved before I went back to school but it's been many years of moving and waiting for that to happen with this economy. We'd even started looking into making another big move to a city we love but that isn't panning out at this time so we decided together to finally make the most of what we have here and stop waiting for outside factors to change the things we aren't happy about. This particular program is the one that I felt best fit me all along and I'm glad the stars have finally aligned in such a way as to make it possible, even if it's not how we originally planned it.

I guess that's how dreams from one's bucket list often end up entering the realm of reality, eh?

P.S. We were very lucky and thankful to have made it through Irene's visit intact here just north of Boston. We had a couple lengthy power outages, a downed tree in an intersection by our house, but otherwise are doing just fine and grateful we live on high ground in an area that was more affected by wind damage than rain. Many others were not as lucky though and you can visit here to help.


DK said...

Congratulations! That's awesome!

Meeling said...

Good for you Kat!! I'm excited to hear about it...you'll have to blog your progress and any exciting news.

Glad to hear that you made it through Irene too.

You'll be busy I'm sure, but it will be rewarding.


considerthelillies said...

congratulations on your new endeavor!
It sounds like a new and exciting time for you!

Christina said...

Congratulations on your new classes! Well that is very exciting. :) I can really relate in some ways-like taking what you have and making a change instead of waiting for the perfect situation. We are going through that right now in life!

I am glad you weren't severely affected by Irene.

thestoryofkat said...

Thanks guys! I am both nervous and excited. My first class went really well so I feel good and am looking forward to being able to share more as things progress.

Christina...O I feel for you! We waited so long hoping the pieces of the puzzle would fall into place and it's so hard to know if you should keep waiting or just go for it despite that fact that nothing is working the way you thought it would. Whatever you're dealing with, I wish you the best and hope you're able to find a resolution and some peace in the proper time :) I know we both feel like a huge weight has been lifted...like having a new lease on life!

Angela said...

So exciting!!! I 100% understand needing your hands in both worlds. That is exactly how I felt when I was working from home. I started to feel like I needed to be in the real world more. I needed to go to a real job just so I could feel balanced. I hope everything works out perfectly for you guys!