Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little Slice of Stowe

Morning View of the Green Mountains
The view from our hotel room with the morning fog rolling in over the Green Mountains

We were really lucky to get a complimentary stay in Stowe, Vermont over the holiday weekend which also happened to be our first anniversary (if it hadn't been, we definitely would have been sitting at home ordering a pizza to celebrate)! We were only gone three days but we saved up for a long time so we could have a handful of special meals together and a canoe trip. It was a wonderful trip despite the sunburns we are both nursing now and I think that the best way to sum it up for you is to share a few photos. I tried to narrow it down, I really did, I swear!

Antiquing along Rt. 100
A little antiquing along Rt. 100 on our way into Stowe.
Didn't get anything except for a few hankies which I plan to use for the shop!

Fish n' Chips at Mr. Pickwick's
Fish n' Chips and proper English beer in honor of our honeymoon. Deliciously except for the coleslaw which was just not what it should've been. C'est la vive!

Roses at Trapp
There were beautiful roses in all shades of pink around the lodge where we stayed.

Anniversary dinner
Our anniversary dinner at the Trapp Family Lodge where we stayed...a swiss chalet with gorgeous mountain views, candlelight, and an incredible wine list...It was kind of totally rad, what can I say?! I'm usually the camping type, but I could totally get used to this...

Trapp Gardens
Walking in the gardens at the lodge with everything in bloom.

Sunshine after the Rain at Trapp Lodge
This is totally cheesy but the sun came out after the rain just like on our wedding day in Scotland
...except the rain fell sideways there that day which always makes me smile to think of it.

Local goodness
I insisted on ordering this for us at lunch...a flight of ales from the Trapp brewery with a local meat and cheese plate. Again, it totally reminded me of the fresh and local cheese and beer we'd had in a little pub in the Lakes District...never thought I would be so lucky to taste something just as good as that again but this was SO.DAMN.GOOD.

Me...stuffed with beer and cheese and very content.

Canoeing on the Lamoille River
Canoeing on the Lamoille River for the day up by Smuggler's Notch.
We stopped in a few spots along the way for swimming and a picnic lunch that we'd picked up at a farmstand
..this is definitely where the sunburns came along despite drenching ourselves in sunblock.

July 4, 2011
And home just in time to see the fireworks over the lake in our town from our balcony!


DK said...

Looks awesome, and totally made better by beer and cheese, and good food in general :)

Rachel Hauser said...

Do you know that you can tell how nice you are from that picture? What a wonderful anniversary trip!

thestoryofkat said...

I always do prefer spending money on food and experiences, especially when on vacation :)

Rachel, I think that might just be the nicest compliment ever, thank you so much! I try to be nice, except for when I am being sarcastic, hehe.

Victoria said...

You know, I think my very good friend might have gotten married near there! :) Your photos are lovely, and that meat and cheese and ale picture is making me salivate!!!

thestoryofkat said...

It's a really beautiful area, I bet a wedding there would be fantastic! And dang, you know that meat and cheese and ale plate is still making me salivate too!

Meeling said...

Looks like a fantastic getaway Kat!! Great photos. I'm in love with those green dishes...too pretty and that fish and chips meal looks heavenly...complete with the malt vinegar...Yummo!!