Friday, June 24, 2011

Importing Creativity

Lynn/Swampscott, Massachusetts
This is where I seem to have left my least it has a good view to keep it occupied

I'm not even sure how I managed to let this many days go by without writing. One minute I was plotting out posts in my head and then next minute it was...Friday. Whaaa?! I think I can trace the source of the matter to this past weekend when we decided to take a little jaunt up to one of the local beaches along the north shore. It's slowly but surely become apparent to me that I forgot to bring my brain back with me because as I worked my way through a batch of embroidered converse this week, I felt my thoughts constantly being hijacked by the sound of evening waves lapping on the shore and kids chasing seagulls and that light salty scent lingering in the air.

Mr. Hermit Crab
Maybe it's time I do something about my nails...

Ye olde Atlantic is still a bit chilly this time of year, especially in the evening, and so we walked along the length of the beach getting our feet wet and exploring among the rocks where hundreds of these little hermit crab men (and ladies I suppose) were gathered in the tide pools.

It wasn't until we got up close to these rocks that I realized they were completely covered in seaweed. Is it just me or does it look like they might be hibernating snuffleupagus' that are going to start shifting and grunting as soon as you look away?

Fishermen at Red Rock Beach
Fishermen at Red Rock Beach
I suppose we're a bit like those hermit crabs, scurrying around in our own little worlds to keep it all together. In turning my artistic interests into a business of my own, I tend to do a lot of scurrying, forgetting how important taking a bit of time like this to replenish my inspiration banks can be and that I don't need to feel guilty about tearing my creative side away from my business side every now and then. It can be a tall order when in business for yourself and difficult to know when it's ok to relax as there isn't anyone else to hold down the fort in my stead or to tell me, "job well done, now here's what you should do next." The ebb and flow of it all is both interesting and challenging for me and I suppose learning to balance the import and export of creativity for the purpose of eeking out a living will always be an evoloving process at the heart of what I do. Not to fear though, I'll have a few more photo-friendly things coming up so the blog will not keep missing out on all the action!


DK said...

Bahhh I am so jealous. I love water and lakes and oceans and I'm completely landlocked in Colorado lol. Beautiful pictures!

Bethany Dirksen said...

Oh I miss the North Shore. It is by far one of my favorite parts of living in/near Boston. I hope you got some good seafood too...

Meeling said...

Lovely...gosh I would have totally checked out of the cyberworld in surroundings like this...gorgeous!