Friday, February 4, 2011

"Farmer's Market" Embroidery Pattern is Here at Last!

Farmer's Market pattern preview

i'm pleased to introduce you to my first embroidery pattern, "Farmer's Market," now available in my new etsy shop The Story of Kat. it includes a green bell pepper, scallions, wooden apple crate, carrot, head of garlic, pint of strawberries, eggplant, potato, lemon, milk bottle, heirloom tomato, and market basket...all inspired by my favorite market finds and my days of helping my mother with the family booth at our local farmer's market! i can just imagine how smashing they'd look on a reusable canvas market tote, dish towel, or napkins.

i put together a 4 page PDF that includes the pattern backwards and forwards (to accommodate different transferring methods), a color chart and guide, as well as some tips on my three favorite ways to transfer the designs onto fabric. i also have plans to post more stitch tutorials here on the blog so that each PDF will include active hyperlinks to each type of stitch used in the pattern.

i've been drawing and brushing up on my graphic design skillz for what feels like forever and am so proudrelievedhappy to have it in the shop at last. i now understand much better what people mean when they talk about a book or some such project being like a child that you've put all this love and effort into and then you watch it go out into the world and get so anxious as to how it will be received. working on this has been a dream come true for me...although i know that sounds really corny. it's the perfect marriage of my stitching addiction and my art degree though so being able to act as my own publisher is very satisfying and i do hope you enjoy it as i get to work on the next one!

speaking of...could you help me pick out a theme for the next pattern? i've narrowed it down to a few from my list that i have almost ready and would love to hear which one you'd like to see the most!
1. off to college
2. cabin in the woods
3. farmhouse kitchen
4. vintage shop


Meeling said...

LOVE the scallions...they look so cool!

I love the sound of farmhouse kitchen!
Can't wait to see what you come up with. :-)

Bethany Dirksen said...

Cabin in the woods!

Angela said...

Love it!!

...and well you know I am going to say vintage shop!!

Christina said...

Congrats on getting it into the shop! Awesome. :)

Ok the one that got my attention the most was vintage shop! :P Imagine a pattern for a cute vintage fan, lamp, telephone, typewriter! oooo

DK said...

Oh that's great! Perfect for the kitchen!