Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a good news day!

i am just a few days shy of the time when, about two years ago, i started posting items to my etsy shop geschichtenvonkat. and as of last night, i just broke 200 sales! not too shabby, eh?!

i remember one summer night two years ago when my husband and i, then boyfriend, were at martin's tavern in georgetown (one of our favorite places to eat in dc and, incidentally, where jack proposed to jackie). it was that night that i first started talking about the possibility of opening up an etsy shop and i remember being so excited by the idea and coming home to start filling up a notebook with ideas and designs. hey, it may not be world peace or anything like that, but i'm feeling proud of myself for coming this far and sticking with it through the slow times and everything because it's been a wonderful outlet for me, has taught me a lot and, well, the income it brings in has certainly helped out in this past year of unemployment and general hard times.

and that's where the other good news comes in: when you go to see a show in Boston now, you'll be holding a playbill designed by none other than my husband! he just got hired today and will finally be working full-time again! what's more, i think he's really going to be fulfilled by this job which puts my heart at ease. god may not always answer prayers on our timelines but he sure as hell does answer them on his for which i am very very grateful, haha :D

i'd like to extend the good news to you as well so i'll busy myself coming up with a giveaway to have here on the blog in the very near future! any requests?


Angela said...

Congrats to you and your new hubbie!! I love a good news day!!!

Christina said...

Congratulations on breaking 200 sales! Yay!!!