Thursday, July 15, 2010

a journey into the highlands

our journey across the pond began with a car, then a plane, then a bus, another plane,
another bus, and finally a long but very beautiful train ride through the highlands of scotland before we picked up our rental car on the isle of skye (phew!). incidentally, this same track was used for the filming of the hogwart's express scenes and was even more beautiful in person!

we traveled for over 24 hours that first day to reach the area in which our wedding would be!
the further north we got, the more beautiful it was, and the further my jaw dropped
at the scenery that surrounded us.

the next day we explored our surroundings on skye and
hunted for treasure along the rocky beaches in portree.

pretty painted buildings all in a row in the harbor of portree on the isle of skye.

busy fishermen dotted the water...

...and we discovered an abandoned lookout perched above the town.

wild foxgloves grew all over the island...

...and traffic was more often stopped by the wild black-faced sheep
that roam the entire island rather than signs and lights.

i was extremely proud of myself that i was able to drive our right-sided stick shift
rental car on the "backwards" roads. we had not realized it would be a stick
going in so i'm glad one of us knew how (thanks dad)!

the day after the wedding the rain came down in sheets from what seemed like all directions. it caused the sligachan to overflow and we pulled to the side of the road to take pictures with the overflowing river and this beautiful old bridge. note john in his conquering hero pose, ahem.

and this is where the road took us that day: eileen donan castle...breathtaking!

as was the view from the castle itself as the fog rolled in over the loch.

and we said goodbye to eileen donan just as the sun made an appearance
which does, occasionally, happen in those parts.

as we made our way back on the winding road north, we saw this thatched roof cottage
...i'm sure i may have annoyed locals if they saw me...but i had to get a photo
of my future retirement home!

but i think my favorite thing about scotland has to be the way swaths
of light and dark scuttle over the hills and mountains.

one of our last views of the highlands as we left for england.
i might just give up this small-business thing and go live as a highlander ;)


maureencracknell said...

What wonderful photos! I hope your trip was everything and more that you hoped for. Thanks for sharing!!!

Christina said...

Oh wow. I gotta go there one day!! :)I love the pictures.

considerthelillies said...

makes me want to go there! what a perfect setting for your special time!

DK said...

Gorgeous! I wanna go to Scotland!

M.M.E. said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I visited Scotland two years back and I've been wanting to go back every since. You picked the perfect spot for the wedding. Congratulations!

Dyche Designs said...

I once did a driving tour of Scotland with family and absolutely loved it. It's such a magical beautiful place.

Bethany Dirksen said...

Holy moly girl...those photos are gorgeous. I'm envious! I'm so glad you had a good trip.

Seriously though, that photo with the sky and water reflecting it....amazing.

geschichtenvonkat said...

it is a truly magnificent place and we definitely plan on going back there ourselves someday! so very very beautiful that the pictures kind of just framed themselves and i didn't even need that ole photography degree, haha.

Dylan said...

Gorgeous! I can picture Jaime and Claire in every shot! jealous!