Monday, May 3, 2010

the brewing storm

the sky here is turning that funny grey-green color and shadows have begun to fall even though it's only late afternoon; i love how bright blue skies seem to curdle right before a big storm. while this is awful light for trying to take product photos, i'm ok with that today since it has been atrociously hot in my non-air conditioned third floor workroom and i'm really hoping this storm comes in and breaks the heat spell.

while i wait for the rain to start pelting down i am working on some custom orders which i hope to share soon. haven't sold a single stitch in the shop the past couple weeks or so but i keep getting in custom requests...must be something in the water and i'm certainly not complaining!

i know that to increase my sales i need to pare down the shop and focus more on a few particular offerings so that i can create more of a niche for myself. i've been making all kinds of things to keep myself interested in what i'm making from day to day but pulling together a consistent theme needs to be more important now that i've gotten my feet wet so i'm really hoping i can tweak and mold and flesh out the shop to make it into something that is more cohesive that is more palatable for browsing customers.

in the interest of achieving this i have decided it's high time to discontinue my stationary and magnets...i've moved them all to the clearance section of the shop and marked them down significantly! if you have a friend who'd enjoy a letter in the mail or you've got just too much A+ work and not enough magnets to show it off with at home or the office, maybe you'd like to stop by and score a deal!


DK said...

Yeah I'm getting there too... I say that like I've been at this for so long haha, but in the couple of short months I've realized that creating an identity is pretty darn important.

Bethany Dirksen said...

Boston weather has been crazy!!! Going to look at those deals now :)

cabin + cub said...

i love the sounds of an upcoming storm... obviously a manageable storm, not talking monsoon, or tornado or anything. ;)