Monday, March 29, 2010

a very blustery day

(drawing by the one and only e.h. shepard for a.a. milne's original winnie the pooh books)

indeed it is a blustery and wet and cold day here. but actually i love days like these if you can manage to snuggle up somewhere with some blankets and tea and a bit of stitching while the wind howls and the house creaks. add that to the benefits of working from home category! and call me crazy, but getting cozy on such a day as this often is more likely to bring a smile to my face than a day full of sunshine.

i'm working on a couple pieces for a giveaway that i will announce as soon as i can photograph them! i'm not going to advertise this giveaway much as that way all you lovely followers who helped me reach 100 will have a better chance at winning, sounds good right?! I can't thank you enough, i love being able to put faces and profiles with the blog traffic reports that i get as it makes this a much more personal reading and writing experience.

off i go then, back to my stitching and i will see you back here with a giveaway soon!

p.s. gvk is has joined the rest of the human race and is now on facebook! you can visit gvk's page and become a fan here.

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