Thursday, March 18, 2010

the coolest box ever.

a box you say? not just any box my friends, only the coolest box ever! as you might remember, we had some lovely guests staying with this past weekend and i had my socks just about knocked off when they showed me this incredibly awesome sewing box! and then they told me it was for me to keep!!! my friend found it being unused at her mother's house and decided it had my name written all over it. ha, how awesome is that?!

it's got this glorious floral-folklore inspired woodburned design on the top panels (which open like little doors) and then CHECK THIS OUT:

um, yeah. awesome, i know.

i've always been a knick-knack and box type of girl (i love keeping pretty little things in secret compartments and having everything in order) so you can imagine how much I LOVE THIS BOX! and now my fiance will not have to stumble over my sewing projects which always seem to skip down from my workroom to a cozy spot on the couch in front of the tv. i do so many hand-stitched details on my pieces so this will be not only beautiful, but such a handy way of storing my notions and such so that we can all stop sitting on pins and needles...literally, oops!

ooo, and here is a detail of a new yard of fabric i picked up to use in the shop...the wizard of oz story has always been a favorite of mine since i was a little girl and i couldn't resist! it will be perfect to make compress' out of.


picciolo said...

what a great present! My friends mum had one of those when I was small, I haven't seen one for ages.
: )

Pretty Fun said...

That is a beautiful sewing box! And that fabric is too cute!