Thursday, March 19, 2009

keeping up the pace

ooooo i am falling behind on my blogging...but i sure have caught up on busy work for the shop! i am doing a lot of experimenting with the new sewing machine—and i've already broken and replaced a needle on it which obviously shows i am doing some serious work here ;)

i've been drawing and carving new linoblocks, making a custom clutch for a friend, learning to felt (if you are a felter i now have a deep and lasting respect for your patience level), hand sewing more matroishka sachets, working on some new designs for pillows (i've been wanting to have them in the shop for some time now), and making masses of labels to use in upcoming projects so i don't have to stop each time i need one. phew!

i'll be keeping the pace up through the end of the week at least (with a short break to watch the last BSG episode on Friday, tear) so it might be a bit quiet round the blog for a couple days more...stay tuned though because i'll be opening up GVK's first ever give-away right here on the blog on March 21st!

p.s. speaking of BSG, i think what Edward James Olmos said at the UN had to be the coolest frakin' thing EVER.


Walk in the Woods said...

investing time playing with your new sewing machine is VERY understandable ... and forgivable!

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

You have been busy, haha looks like fun stuff though.

Anonymous said...

my goodness that's busy! I wish I could keep that busy. Fantastic.

paleseptember said...

i love the giveaway items! another item i like from the etsy store is the Turquoise and Orange Hand-Printed Cafe Apron. thanks

caitlinhyla at gmail dot com