Sunday, March 29, 2009

an ear to the ground

have you heard about the great new magazine for hip young sewing folk? It's called Modern Seamster (sewing*style*culture) and the first issue is available for free download as a pdf!! Just click on the photo of the magazine when you get to the site to get your copy, how cool is that?!

I just got my copy the other day and am thrilled to see a sewing magazine coming out with such a fresh outlook. They seem to strike a great balance between a deep appreciation for the history of the craft as well as plenty of zip and zeal for all that is hip and newsworthy in the world of the stylish seamster of today!

p.s. just one more week to enter our giveaway!


315thomas said...

this is way cool, thanks for the link! i am definitely going to bookmark it and check it out later.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that looks great! What fun!