Thursday, February 26, 2009

progress and pincushions

I have had this crazy, possibly tacky, and dearly loved pincushion ever since I started quilting with my granny as a kid. Now that I am working on multiple projects at a time though, I find myself holding extra pins between my lips, poking them in the arms of chairs, finding them built up like sediment at the bottom of the antique ashtray turned holder of odds 'n ends at my bedside, mixed in with my bobby pins in the bathroom, or perhaps hidden away in some dusty corner where the cat hoards her varied and massive stash of shiny thing-a-ma-bobs (And yes, from this information and the photo of artfully arranged pins above, you are correct to assume that I have a slightly serious case of ocd and am only a little bit scatter-brained...what, can't you see that combination being part of a winning personality?!).

well, back to the point though (pun kind of intended i regret)...since realizing this pin problem, i've been doing a bit of pawing around on etsy and i've found some fine pincushions that might just be able to hold their own next to my current one. You can click on the image to go straight to the listing or check out the links to each shop's home page for all kinds of good stuff!

color and more color, that's what i like :)
found this little lovely at Zemphira's etsy shop

this comes to us from The Daily Pincushion which has a huge selection
—plus i just can't get enough of this color lately, so pretty in an unexpected way i think!

and last but certainly not least, here is a stylish number from picciolo
quite a modern design appeal but down-to-earth and charming as well, don't you think?!

p.s. I've recently been working with some really fun Alexander Henry "pantry" fabric which is what is shown up top there with my own pincushion. i'm close now to being able to post a few of the pieces I've made with it so start getting excited.


Jaden Kai said...

Very cooooool!!!!

Angela said...

I love the little patchwork one! I think it is so cute!

I am scatter-brained yet OCD too! It is a terrible combination!

picciolo said...

hi, thanks for featuring one of my pincushions! I love that pantry fabric, can't wait to see what you have made with it
: )

Mike said...

Very cute selection.

missknits said...

love them all!

Melina and Denise said...

I love the second one. Gorgeous colours!