Tuesday, December 30, 2008

back home and sewing a baby blanket

i've finally gotten some time put into my niece's baby blanket and its coming along quite nicely now. i'll soon have all the square patches put together and will then start on the embroidery work for the back of the quilt. As i mentioned before, i'm going with a garden/farming theme and will decorate the quilt backing with all the animals and flowers from our family farm back home.

i'd like to have some kind of nursery rhyme or lyric to embroider around the edges of the blanket but i can't seem to find anything that fits just right with the theme. i'll have to spend some more time tomorrow flipping through the old volume of mother goose nursery rhymes from when i was little in hopes of finding something. so if you've got any leads, tell me! i need help!

o! and tomorrow, in addition to posting new handsewn items to my little shop, i am going to make a vanilla buttercream cake to bring to the small new year's eve party we are headed to. pictures and recipe to come!

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Rick said...

That looks like such a pretty baby quilt. Happy new year!